Our Engineering & Repair Services

Below are some of our specialized services under the Engineering & Repair Sector:


Accommodation Refurbishment

  • Carpentry works for marine and industrial usage
  • Supply and refurbishment of ship-board furniture
  • Fabrication of weather-resistant doors
  • Removal and refit of wooden structures and paneling
  • Repair and renewal of wooden deck sheathing
  • Refurbishment of upholstery



RHVAC (Refrigeration, Heat, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning)

  • Complete Marine RHVAC Turnkey Project Management
  • Upgrade, maintain and servicing of RHVAC systems
  • Supply and install RHVAC components such as condensing unit, air handling unit, fan coil unit, package unit, condensing coils, heating coils, evaporating coils, humidifier, dehumidifier, insulation panels and shelving
  • Supply and install ventilation components such as ventilation air louvre, damper, fan, silencer, steel duct and ventilator
  • Conversion to ozone-friendly (HFC) refrigerant
  • Air balancing within the accommodation blocks
  • Servicing of Air-Conditioning
  • Cleaning of Air Ducts
  • Indoor Air Quality Assessment
  • Overhaul of air-conditioning and refrigeration compressor unit





Steel & Pipe Fabrication

Steel Work

  • A variety of steel fabrication works for all maritime and offshore purposes inclusive of: Superstructure, hull/deck plating, bulwarks, cargo hatches, structural frames, stiffeners, etc.
  • Construction of winch foundations, winch drums and brake devices
  • Fabrication of storage tanks from stainless steel, mild steel to fibre-glass
  • Fabrication of accommodation container modules in compliance with CLASS certification
  • Construction and installation of fire-rated doors and windows

Pipe Work

  • Fabrication of high and low pressure pipes for various purposes including: Seawater, hydraulics, air, etc.
  • Modification of pipes via hot and cold bending process





Asbestos Management

  • Survey of asbestos abatement with comprehensive report: Bulk sampling and air sampling provided with lab analysis
  • Removal of asbestos materials compliant with Singapore's MOM regulations including: Wall panels, ceiling panels, pipe laggings, etc.
  • Proper transport and disposal of asbestos waste


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